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Medley from a concert in France, Oct 29th using FluteShields

The idea was dreamed up during the first lockdown. The airstream is effectively reflected back at the player, a very useful way of keeping your airstream to yourself! It also enables you to hear your own sound really accurately. It's unobtrusive and comfortable to use too.

NB: the strong flow  of air comes out of your mouth only.  Sound-waves emerge from the end of the flute and from the tone-holes (you can measure this using a candle flame if you are interested!)


We are keen to share this with everyone in the flute playing community, so we  made a free paper version for you to print out and make by yourself.  Then we designed...

the plastic version which you can obtain from Amazon, the shops Just Flutes or All Flutes Plus (in the UK) or from Director's Assistant ( in the US) if you are interested.

Short extracts from a rehearsal using the FluteShield - at the Pimlott Foundation

Teaching with FluteShields 

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